Trademark “Lysva1913” presents exclusive production by Lysva Plant of Enamelled Cookware based on more than century experience of cookware production.

Due to set of activities accomplished by our engineers and marketing our cookware is on top competitiveness level and brand-new range of cookware introduced for market.

Range of cookware made from corrosion-resistant steel as per requirements Russian State Standard ГОСТ 27002.

Range is presented by two type of shapes – cylindrical and spherical.

We manufacture our cookware out of high-quality food-grade corrosion-resistant steel AiSi304. Our cookware is appropriate for electric, gas as well as glass-ceramic cooktops.

Our steel enamelware:

- resistant to making compounds with food;

- doesn’t change taste of food and beverages;

- meets all health standards, safe and reliable in use;

- has a long service life due to corrosion-resistance, it’s endurable and doesn’t deform over time.

Range of enamelware products is presented by exclusive items which has no equivalents in Russian market: jars, coffee pots, sauceboats would perfectly adjust for any kitchen interior as well as cafes and restaurants.