How to take care of enamelware

Enamelware by “Lysva1913” trademark is appropriate for all types of electric, gas, glass-ceramic, induction cooktops as well as ovens.

Enamelware is inapplicable for microwave ovens, but perfectly suitable for dishwashers.

Our recommendations to avoid damage of enamelware and accessories:

- we do not recommend to leave empty enamelware on switched on cooktop;

- we do not recommend to put burning hot enamelware on cold water, it’d better to let it getting colder on air;

- do not let enamelware be hit or fell down;

- hitting the enamelware with spoon will make chips on its surface;

- do not let liquid be freezed inside enamelware;

- use household chemicals, soft sponges, non-abrasive agents to remove boiler scale and clean enamelware.

Usage of acid solutions (e.g. vinegar and citric acids) are not allowed, because it leads to destruction of enamel coating;

- we do not recommend to use enamelware equipped with plastic furniture and glass lids in ovens;

- place enamelware on gas and electric cooktops in such a way so plastic handles are outside heating elements and gas flame does not extend beyond the bottom of the cookware.

How to take care of enamelware:

- add a little baking soda into the water with each dishwashing to prevent formation of salt deposits on the walls;

- if food is burnt, fill the enamelware with water, add cleaning agent and leave it for an hour;

- to remove label from the surface, heat the enamel item under hot water or with blowdryer, than take the label at the corner and slowly remove it, than remove the remaining glue with oil.